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our students in the Educational Sponsorship program 2015 - 2016

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Gumatho is 18 years old and in year four of KURA's Educational Sponsorship  Program(ESP). Now in her final year at Ruiri Girls Secondary School in Meru, Kenya, Gumatho was asked how she may someday give back to others, "First, I would like to give KURA Project thanks and in my future help my community by making the point to assist others who suffer the same problem with getting an education."


Rose is in her third year with KURA's Sponsorship Program and is from the village of Korr in northern Kenya.

Rose is the youngest child of six and the only educated one in her family. Tow sisters an done brother are already married.

We were touched to receive a visit from Rose's father who expressed sincere gratitude for this gift of education for his youngest child.

Rose tells us, "This opportunity really gave me hope. I will work hard to achieve y goals." 

Rose attends Maua Girls Secondary in Meru, Kenya.

Antonella Ahatho Eisimbaltor

FAMILY: Antonella is from the village of Kargi in northern Kenya and in year three of KURA's Sponsorship Program. She attends Bishop Cavallera Secondary School in Karare where she is excelling academically and showing positive leadership abilities as she has been selected as a prefect.

"I am a child from a poor family of five children, My father and mother are deceased. first she I finished my primary education, for sure I didn't know what to do but know am very happy to have KURA aiding me to continue my studies. I really appreciate with the top of my heart." 

Anita AHATHO Adhiya

Anita is also in her third year at Bishop Cavallera Girls Secondary School and the KURA Project Sponsorship Program. 

We are proud to support the hardworking and determined young woman's education. 

May her dreams of becoming a journalist and a support for her family and community come true.


FAMILY: Bilayo is one of nine children, only three of whom were able to attend a school; Bilayo is the only girl in the family to attend a school

BILAYO’S ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Bilayo has had to drop out of school many times due to an inability to afford tuition; however, she has just cleared primary school and is dependent upon receiving a sponsorship to move on to secondary school

FUTURE PLANS: To become a lawyer


Naomi is 17 years old and in year two at Chogoria Girls Secondary School in Meru, Kenya where her favorite subjects are Math and English.

Naomi comes from a single parent household where her mother is raising Naomi and her two brothers. "My mother is a housewife and I want to work hard in school so I can become a successful person in life and be in the position to help her in the future". 

Kena yaqub

Kenya is 17 years old and from the village of Logologo in Marsabit County, Kenya. 

He is in his third year at the Meru School and also in year three with the KURA Project Sponsorship Program.

Kena comes from a family of four boys. He lost his father when he was nine but never gave up hope for an education and was determined to go to school.

When asked what has having an education meant to him, he says, "Going to school means I will get an education and have the opportunity to go far. An education cannot be taken from you, money can be taken but an education cannot. When I get an education, I can get a better job and have a chance to help others."


 DAVid ltejeson galgithele

PARENTS: Deceased

SOURCE OF INCOME: David is dependent on his grandmother, who is elderly and lives in poverty

DAVID'S ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: KCPE score: total score of 325 (out of 500; average score = 250)

FUTURE GOALS: To educate his siblings and support his grandmother; once his grandmother passes away, he intends to assume the role of the main guardian of his siblings (he would be their only remaining relative)


PARENTS: Shiloi Lekadaa and Emale Lekadaa

PARENTS’ OCCUPATION: Pastoralism; but his family has very few livestock and are unable to afford daily living expenses (let alone secondary education)


KCPE scores: ENG 55C+, KIS 58C+, MAT 75A-, SCI 59C+, SSR 57C+, Total 304 (out of 500)

Jeremiah is #1 in his class; however, because his parents were unable to pay for secondary schools fees, he had to repeat classes for three years

FUTURE GOALS: To return to his community to improve access to educational opportunities, medical services, and food

Linda Faridah LENYASUNYA 

Age 16, Attended Logologo Primary School

She has two siblings

KCPE score of 306 out of possible 500

Aisha Mohamed.jpg

Aisha Mohamed 

14 years old with two brothers and five sisters

Her parents are a poor preacher and a housewife.

Future goals: To become a doctor