Success Stories Thanks to Our Supporters

It has been an exciting year for The KURA Project. As we continue our work to improve educational opportunities for underserved students in Northern Kenya, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our successes over the last year and to thank you for your support of The KURA Project. Some of this year’s highlights include:

 The announcement by the Lunapads Company to collaborate with The KURA Project to provide menstrual pad kits to 2,000 girls in Northern Kenya. They generously donated 1,000 AFRIpad kits (reusable menstrual kits) to girls in Northern Kenya. Our goal is to reach 2, 000 girls by 2015. 

1,400 pairs of underwear were purchased and delivered along with the AFRIpads to assure the kits will be used as intended.

Four high school sponsorships were awarded to qualifying students in Northern Kenya.

My opportunity to speak to students and present the KURA Project’s mission, goals and accomplishments at Dartmouth College, Burr & Burton Academy, Long Trail School, Waterville Valley Academy, Maple Street School and The First Congregational Church of Manchester, Vermont.

Ahmed Kura, native of Northern Kenya and Co-Founder of The KURA Project, visited from Kenya. He shared the KURA Project’s impact with Dartmouth College and Maple Street School.

Senteau Kashinin (“Caroline”), who was also visiting from Kenya, spoke on behalf of women in her country about the apartheid that exists between men and women in the Maasai culture and the importance of education.  Students at Burr & Burton Academy, Long Trail School, Stratton Mountain School, and Maple Street School heard her moving talk. 

Katie Lowes, actress from the hit show, Scandal, has agreed to be The KURA Project’s celebrity face and supporter of KURA.

AmazonSmile collaboration: As of August 2014, AmazonSmile will donate .05 percent of items purchased to The KURA Project.

Subway  collaboration: October 11, 2014, is KURA Project Day at Subway in Manchester, Vermont. Ten percent of the day’s profits will be donated to The KURA Project.

Stylist for the Stella Dot Company, Kate Orme, once again donated a percentage of her sales at a fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for The KURA Project.

Through a Tides Foundation Grant from Lunapads, sponsorships, school dances, student council grants, jewelry sales, and donations in kind, just under $14,000 was raised for The KURA Project. This money, excluding $600 for gas to deliver supplies and $200 for school processing fees, was used to purchase 1,000 reusable AFRIpad kits, 1,400 pairs of underwear, tuition covering four students for their first year of high school, uniforms, and supplies needed for school.

With your help, The KURA Project has made a difference in the lives of many underserved students in Northern Kenya.  To date, we have delivered supplies to 19 schools in Marsabit County. Thirty more are waiting for help from us. However, we need more sponsors to help send students to high school who otherwise would not be able to advance beyond receiving only a primary level of education.

As expressed by the head teacher at the Baalah Primary School in Koor, Northern Kenya: “We have heard about the KURA Project. Please help us when you have funds. Our girls are suffering and most of them have suffered. We have many dropouts.” 

Ahmed Kura reports, “There was much appreciation from teachers, parents and management of these schools because this is their first free pads and they believe class attendance rate for the girls will escalate.”

Gumatho Joan Dokhle, (sponsored student) shares, “I am really thankful for your good support towards my education. I was doubting if I will continue with my studies but since the help of KURA Project I am happy that I go to school like other students.”

I ask that you continue to support The KURA Project as we strive to bring more and more hope to the underserved students in Northern Kenya.

Thank you for your consideration and any help you can provide. I very much look forward to working with you in the near future.


Sarah Hadden