The KURA Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The KURA Project ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.


In developing countries, girls have limited access to sanitary products and go without the basic necessities every month. In places like Marsabit County in Kenya, school-age girls stay home from school out of shame; many are married off as soon as they hit puberty, forsaking their education and committing to the life of a housewife as early as age 9.

You can help. The KURA Project has delivered 6,200 kits to women in this area.  But there are many more girls who need supplies. 

Please join us in providing these girls in need with sanitary supplies so they can experience their monthly cycles with dignity and continue their education. 

 A $25 donation will provide an "Opportunity kit" which includes an AFRIpad kit, underwear and soap for washing. This kit will last a year or more and will make a life changing difference for a girl!

CLICK HERE to download a gift card that you can personalize after your donation.

Below is a description of the reusable menstrual pad kits by AFRIpads we provide to our target communities:

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The KURA Project Educational sponsorship Program


We provide educational opportunities for underserved students in Marsabit and Samburu Counties, Northern Kenya, through financial support of their education.


Our criteria for scholarships include the following: academic achievement (KCPE performance above the average score of 250), potential for leadership and success, and financial need.  Our goal is to make 80 percent of our recipients girls.


The KURA Project works in partnership with leaders in the community to identify promising young people who show potential for leadership and social change. Over time we hope to help create a critical mass of educated individuals with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in their community. 


Education: Educational opportunities for young people is one of the greatest investments to be made in developing communities such as Marsabit County. However, secondary school education in Kenya is not publically funded, and many of Kenya’s pastoral families cannot afford the costs. In Marsabit and Samburu Counties, there are minimal opportunities for families to make enough money to provide their children with anything more than a primary level of education.

Focus on girls: Poverty and traditional perspectives on gender roles prevent many families from educating their female children. Most girls are raised to become wives and mothers—not to attain a full education or to enter the workforce—, and, as a consequence, many are married off at a young age. We aim to give more female students the chance to stay in school. It is through education that we hope to improve the lives of girls and women. 


Marsabit and Samburu Counties are located in Eastern Kenya bordering Ethiopia to the North and North East, Wajir County to the East, Isiolo County to the South East, Samburu County to the South and South West and lake Turkana to the West and North West.

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